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Word Sauce: Free Word Connect Puzzle

Chloe is cleaning up her grandpa’s restaurant in Word Sauce: Free Word Connect Puzzle. Can you help her restore this famous eatery to its former glory?

The restaurant is a bit of a mess, but Chloe knows just what to do in this unique, fun, and challenging word game. Join her while she arranges letters into words and earns coins as she gets rid of the cobwebs, takes out the trash, and more. There’s also new outfits that you’ll be able to buy for Chloe. If you get stuck and can’t find another word to spell, just press the hint button!

How to Play Word Sauce?

The secret ingredient in this cute online game is your spelling skills! Tag along with Chloe while she arranges letters into words and fixes up her grandpa's cafe.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for letters.
  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to form them into words.

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Can I Play Word Sauce on Mobile?

Yes, it's currently available to play via both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Who Developed Word Sauce?

Word Sauce was created by Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.