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Windy Slider

How far will you make it in Windy Slider? Grab an umbrella and get ready to race in this challenging online game.

Head to the starting line on a gorgeous beach where several other opponents will be waiting for you. Instead of starting your engines in this racing game, you’ll need to be ready with your umbrella. This beach is incredibly windy. Use the umbrella to catch the wind and pick up speed while you leap over various obstacles and slide your way toward each finish line.

How to Play Windy Slider?

Use an umbrella to catch the wind and blast your way toward the finish line in every level of this unique skill game. You’ll need to choose just the right moments to close the umbrella as you deal with a variety of obstacles.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to keep the umbrella open.
  • RELEASE THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to close the umbrella.

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Who Developed Windy Slider?

Windy Slider was created by Game Worthy Studios Inc.