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Top Guns IO

Tons of battles await you in Top Guns IO! Pack up your weapons and head to a small town for plenty of action and excitement in this multiplayer game.

The residents of this picturesque farming community have decided to wage war on one another!  Why? Who knows! Join Bob, Mabel, and their neighbors for a deep fried battle royale in this crazy .io game. You'll be dodging bullets and chasing down your opponents in cornfields, public parks, and a few other makeshift arenas. How long will you survive, though?

Fortunately, there’s tons of weapons and upgrades you can collect during each battle. There's also coins you can earn from daily rewards or by completing various tasks and unlocking treasure chests. Use those to earn new characters and even cooler weapons!

How to Play Top Guns IO?

A quiet town is about to descend into total chaos in this action game. Collect upgrades and powerful weapons while you try to eliminate as many of your opponents as you can!

Game Controls


  • PRESS W, A, S, D OR THE ARROW KEYS to run.
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to shoot.


  • LEFT CLICK to use upgrades or unique weapons like sticks of dynamite.

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Who Developed Top Guns IO?

Top Guns IO was created by MOBASO.