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Super Snappy Hoops

Super Snappy Hoops is a basketball game in which you can play matches against multiple opponents at once. Try to get the highest score in each round of this smoothly animated game by never missing a shot at the hoop. Earn coins and customize your character to create a unique in-game avatar.

How to play Super Snappy Hoops?

Swipe toward the backboard to toss the ball through the hoop from different angles. The aim is to gain more points than your opponent. You can keep throwing as long as you don’t miss. If you miss, your turn is over and your score will be added to the scorecard. 

A swish shot will earn you a cute helper. A little pug dog will appear on your screen. If you miss a shot, this puppy will fetch the ball for you once so that you can try again. When your shot almost goes through the hoop, the pug will jump up and dunk it through the net for you, having your shot as well.

In this game, you don’t have to wait while your opponent takes their turn. You can simply start a new match, and revisit your current matches to play the next round when you’re ready.

Game Controls

Swipe and release to throw the ball.

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Who created Super Snappy Hoops?

Super Snappy Hoops was created by Gamebop. 

When was Super Snappy Hoops first released?

This game was first released on July 26, 2023.