Ben je ouder of jonger dan 18?

Wij begrijpen dat het belangrijk is dat minderjarigen op een veilige manier gebruik maken van het internet. We beschouwen het ook als onze verantwoordelijkheid om de website kindvriendelijk te maken en inhoud te tonen die bij jouw leeftijdsgroep past. Als je aangeeft dat je nog geen 18 jaar of ouder bent, zal je daarom automatisch geen advertenties te zien krijgen die bedoeld zijn voor een oudere doelgroep.

Jonger dan 18
18 jaar of ouder



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Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure

In a land full of nightmares, the only thing standing between order and total chaos is you! Team up with a ragtag band of fearless warriors as they emerge from the darkness and try to win back their kingdom in Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure.

Join Raven, Edger, Thor, and their allies as they use their legendary powers to hack and slash their way through a thousand monsters in this action-packed stickman game. They're desperate to rescue Beauty, a young woman with mysterious powers who is the only person capable of restoring color and light to their imperiled land.

How to Play Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure?

Journey through decimated villages and dangerous forests while you try to free Beauty from the castle of a deadly foe known only as The Big. There's plenty of awesome powers and cool upgrades to collect during what's sure to be a thrilling journey through a world full of shadows!

Game Controls


  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to jump or a second time to double jump.
  • PRESS A to attack.
  • PRESS S to use your second attack.
  • PRESS D to use your third attack.


  • USE THE MOUSE to look to navigate weapons and shields during the game.
  • LEFT CLICK the icons to use them.

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Can I Play Stickman Run: Shadow Adventures on Mobile?

Yes! It's available via Google Play.