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Skates Sky Roller

Can you reach the finish lines in Skates Sky Roller? See if you can roll your way to victory in this fun and challenging 3D skateboarding game.

You won't be riding just one skateboard. You'll actually be jumping onto several of them in this racing game. Dodge various barriers and gaps as you try to reach the finish line in each level. There's also boosters and even cooler skateboards you can collect along the way.

How to Play Skates Sky Roller?

Will you get through all of the levels in this skill game? Gather lots of skateboards while you attempt to get over barriers and other obstacles. If you crash into one, you'll lose at least a few of them. If you run out of skateboards, you'll have to start over.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to move the skateboards either left or right.

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Who Developed Skates Sky Roller?

Skates Sky Roller was created by YAD.