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Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks is a hypercasual rugby game in which you have to kick the ball through the uprights and score as many field goals as you can.

How to play Rugby Kicks?

Take aim and give the Gilbert or the Steeden a mighty kick by tapping the ball and swiping in the direction of the goal. You have three rugby balls. Each time you miss, you’ll lose one of them. If you score a field goal, however, you get to keep the ball and take another shot.

If you hit the targets that appear between the uprights, you’ll earn an extra point. Make sure to avoid the shields though, as they will block your shot. Pay close attention to the direction and speed of the wind as well, or your ball will be blown off course.

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Who created Rugby Kicks?

Rugby Kicks was created by BestGamesFreePlay.

When was Rugby Kicks first released?

This game was released on September 5, 2023.