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Rescue Rift

In the 3D action adventure game Rescue Rift, you are an operative in an elite undercover team. You’ve been sent on a dangerous mission to have a group of people held hostage in an eerie hospital building.

How to play Rescue Rift?

Enter the old hospital and explore the creepy rooms and offices to find the hostages. They are being held captive by armed enemies. Shoot the kidnappers, then run up to the hostages to free them.

Once all hostages have been freed, a last wave of enemies will come looking for you. Shoot them down and make your way out of the building to progress to the next level.

When you are out of bullets, your soldier will reload your gun automatically. You only have a limited number of bullets, so don’t waste them. Collect the green crosses to replenish your health points if you are injured.

Game Controls

  • Mouse = Look around / Aim weapon
  • Left Click = Shoot
  • Arrow Keys = Run
  • E = Free hostage
  • R = Reload gun (if not empty)
  • Number keys = Select Weapon

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Who created Rescue Rift?

Rescue Rift was created by Instant Games Studio.

When was Rescue Rift first released?

This game was first released on March 5, 2024.