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Numbers Sliding Puzzle

Will you be able to get everything into the correct order while you play Numbers Sliding Puzzle? See if you can do it in this numerical puzzle game.

All of the numbered tiles on the board are totally mixed up! You’ll need to move them around in this math game that's great for players both young and old. How fast can you get through each level?

How to Play Numbers Sliding Puzzle?

Numbers Sliding Puzzle is a fun puzzle game. You'll need to put the numbered tiles in the correct order based on their values. For example, you'll have to move the 1 tile to the upper leftmost slot followed by the 2 tile, the 3 tile, and so on.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK, HOLD, AND MOVE THE MOUSE to slide a tile. 

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Who Developed Numbers Sliding Puzzle?

Numbers Sliding Puzzle was created by Vooxe Technology AS.