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Match Adventure

Join Gemmy the squirrel on an exciting journey in Match Adventure. She's trying to protect the glen she calls home in this adventure puzzle game.

It's been heavily damaged, but Gemmy's not sure who did it. Tag along with her while she searches for the culprits and all the resources she’ll need to make lots of much needed repairs. Her brother Johnny has also gone missing in this cute and charming match 3 game. Will you be able to find out what happened to him, too?

How to Play Match Adventure?

Match Adventure is an adorable puzzle game. Join a squirrel while she tries to rescue her brother and rebuild her village in a small glen. Match up the enchanted gems in each level. They’ll help her gather all the supplies she’ll need to make repairs and construct new buildings.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to link together gems, begin construction projects, and more.

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Who Developed Match Adventure?

Match Adventure was created by Overmobile.