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Merge Cakes

There's tons of treats to match up in Merge Cakes. Find out what happens when you combine all of these delicious desserts!

This match puzzle game features a variety of awesome cakes from Europe and beyond. You’ll be working with panellets, different types of cannoli, and more! Keep combining identical ones for as long as you can while you try to meet the objectives in each level. There's also coins you can earn to buy cool stuff in the shop.

How to Play Merge Cakes?

Combine cakes for as long as possible in Merge Cakes. You’ll need to move fast in order to keep enough spots available for additional desserts. The longer you stay in the game, the more coins you’ll earn to use in the shop.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to connect two identical cakes.
  • UNCLICK to merge them.

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Who Developed Merge Cakes?

Merge Cakes was created by RavalMatic.