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Gun Blood

Only a true gunslinger will survive all of these epic duels! How long will you last once you start playing Gunblood?

It's a thrilling action shooting game. There's a group of deadly outlaws who are determined to take you down. Show them who's boss by plugging them full of holes before they can even draw their six shooters in this intense and fast-paced gun game! There’s additional challenges you’ll encounter along the way that will also let you show off your virtual shooting skills.

How to Play Gunblood?

You’ll be challenging a group of outlaws to a series of duels to the death in Gunblood. It's an exciting shooting game. Just be sure to wait until the countdown ends before you pull out your pistol. You also have a limited number of bullets so you’ll have to make sure every shot counts!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim your gun.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.

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Is Gunblood Available to Play on Mobile?

Yes! You can download it via Google Play.