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Fruit Slice

Slice and dice your way through Fruit Slice. Sharpen your knife and get ready to chop until you drop!

No matter how you slice it, this is a fun and challenging fruit game. You’ll be cutting up delicious apples, bananas, cucumbers, and watermelon wedges as they fall into a blender and become yummy smoothies. There are a few obstacles that will be standing in your way, though.

You’ll only get a limited number of slices in each level, so you’ll have to choose each one wisely. The fewer you use, the more coins you'll earn to trade in for other types of fruit.

How to Play Fruit Slice?

Fruit Slice is a physics game where you’ll receive a limited number of opportunities to dice up pieces of fruit and have them fall into a blender. Chop them small enough so they’ll slide over or past various obstacles.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD while you create a path for your knife.
  • UNCLICK to slice the fruit.

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Who Created Fruit Slice?

Fruit Slice was designed by BPTop.