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Free Birds

Free Birds is a simple but addicting archery puzzle game. Shoot the arrows to cut the ropes and break open the bird cages. Your aim is to set all of the beautiful songbirds free.

How to play Free Birds?

Use the mouse or your finger to rotate the bow and aim the arrows. Dragging the cursor away from the bow will tighten the bowstring and increase the force of your shot. Hit the ropes, but avoid hitting the cages.

If you cut through the rope, the cage will fall and break open, releasing the birds. If you miss, you’ll lose a heart. When you run out of hearts, you lose the game. How many levels will you be able to complete before you run out of arrows?

Game Controls

  • Tap the bow and hold
  • Drag your finger or the cursor away from the bow to aim
  • Release to shoot

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Who created Free Birds?

Free Birds was created by 2Play. 

When was Free Birds first released?

This game was first released for web on June 13, 2023.