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Freaky Monster Rush

Freaky Monster Rush is a 3D running game in which you can transform your human runner into a monster. A patchwork of famous monsters, if you’re not careful. Run through the gates to collect the right body parts.

How to play Freaky Monster Rush?

Guide your human runner left and right to dodge the obstacles in this action game. You have to avoid the walls and the guards in their orange hazmat suits. Step on the round trampolines to leap over the gaps in the road.

Run through the green barriers to collect the monstrous body parts you need to defeat the villain waiting for you at the end of the level. Collect the bottles and barrels of nuclear waste to boost your power, and punch your nemesis off the platform and into the magic portal.

You can transform your runner limb by limb into famous horrors such as the lanky Huggy Wuggy and a skeletal Siren Head - or a monstrous mash-up of various creeps!

Game Controls

Use the MOUSE to play. Move the mouse left and right to guide the runner.

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Who developed Freaky Monster Rush?

Freaky Monster Rush was developed by PL Studio.