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Coffee Puzzle

Another busy day has just begun at the cafe in Coffee Puzzle. Could you clear a path between this hot cup of coffee and its customer in this tabletop game?

It's been freshly brewed and is no doubt incredibly tasty, but there's a bunch of banana bread and other pastries that keep getting in its way. You’ll need to put them into batches of three or more to remove them. Can you get them off the table in this cute and challenging match 3 game?

How to Play Coffee Puzzle?

Coffee Puzzle is a delightful puzzle game. Help the cup of coffee reach its customer by matching and removing the various baked goods that are blocking its path. You'll need to put them into rows or columns of three or more to make them go away.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to place a baked good on the table.

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Who Developed Coffee Puzzle?

Coffee Puzzle was created by OneTwoPlay IT.