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BU is a skill game in which you have to react quickly. Stick the pins into the spinning planets, but make sure you don’t hit the heads of any other pins.

How to play BU?

Watch the spinning target closely. At the start of the level there might already be some pins stuck into the planet. You'll have to avoid hitting those. Keep going until all your pins are used up.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see your collection of numbered pins. As you start launching the pins, you’ll notice that they're not all the same length. Shorter pins are more difficult to nail, because they have further to travel and need to get closer to the target to stick.

If you miss, you can use five coins to continue playing. Earn new coins by completing the levels. If you run out of coins, you’ll have to retry the level from the start.

Game Controls

Tap or click to throw a pin.

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Who created BU?

BU was created by Agame. 

When was BU first released?

This game was released on August 17, 2023.