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Banana Cat Escape

Banana Cat Escape is a fun mix of action, adventure, and puzzles all packed into one game! Escape every level by collecting the items you need and finding the exit, but make sure not to get caught by the enemies patrolling the maze.

How to play Banana Cat Escape

Use the arrow keys to move around in the spacious environments filled with enemies and collectibles. You’ll need to find hidden buttons, drink milk to become strong enough to break walls, and finish other tasks like these to make it to the end of each level. The puzzles get harder as you progress through the game. Can you make it out every time?

What is the Banana Cat meme?

The famous Banana Cat is a cute gray cat in a banana costume. You might have seen some viral videos starring this furball recently. Banana Cat is usually found crying, but in this game he’s fully ready to go on an adventure!

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Who developed Banana Cat Escape?

This 3D game was developed by Harbi Games.

When was Banana Cat Escape released?

This cat game came out in August of 2023.