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Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel is a 3D runner game. The cat owners who come to you have coddled and overfed their fuzzy friends. Can you get these tubby tabbies back into shape?

How to play Pet Trainer Duel?

As much as we love to spoil our feline friends, and as cute as chonky kitties are, obesity in cats can cause health risks. Overfeeding your cat can lead to inflammation, chronic pain, diabetes, and often shortens their lifespan.

The pudgy pets in this game need a little help becoming lean, playful mousers again. Play with the cats on the obstacle course, and make sure they reach a healthy weight.

Playing with toys, running, climbing, and drinking water will help the cats slim down. Eating fish and sitting on the conveyor belts will make the cats gain weight. At the end of each obstacle course, you can reunite the cats - now hopefully in better shape - with their happy owners.

Game Controls

  • Use the A and D keys to move right or left on the obstacle course
  • Dodge items or collect/use them

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Who created Pet Trainer Duel?

Pet Trainer Duel was created by RHM Interactive. 

When was Pet Trainer Duel first released?

This game was released on January 5, 2023.