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Atlantic Sky Hunter Extreme

Atlantic Sky Hunter Extreme is a shoot-em-up game in which you must cross the Atlantic Ocean while fighting off flying saucers, enemy warships, and a series of final bosses. Upgrade your plane and collect new aircraft as you progress through this bullet hell game.

How to play Atlantic Sky Hunter Extreme?

In this shoot-em-up (or shmup) adventure, you must fly your plane left, right, up and down to dodge the rain of bullets and missiles coming at you. Some enemy flying saucers will also try to crash into you.

Weave between the enemy fire and collect an array of power-ups, including twin missiles, spray bullets, and a destructive laser cannon. You can collect isotopes to upgrade various aspects of your plane, such as the fire rate, flight speed, and bullet speed.

Level selection

At the bottom of the menu, you can use the arrow keys to scroll between the different levels to determine where you want to start your next run. You can only select levels you have already completed.

Upgrade your plane

You can also collect aircraft cards to upgrade your current plane, and unlock new ones. There are loot boxes to collect, and 95 achievements and 4 mini games to complete for extra isotopes. 

The atom cores you earn for defeating bosses can be used to unlock battle passes. 

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Who created Atlantic Sky Hunter Extreme?

Atlantic Sky Hunter Extreme was created by MarketJS. 

When was Atlantic Sky Hunter Extreme first released?

This game was first released on April 30, 2024.