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Aqua Blitz 2

Return to an enchanting underwater kingdom in Aqua Blitz 2. How quickly can you connect everything in this match 3 puzzle game?

Pearl the mermaid is waiting to greet you. She’ll join you on a magical adventure as you try to link together a variety of seashells and animals in this cute and charming online game from Softgames. There's over 700 levels so your journey is going to be a long one! There's also daily rewards that you can collect, too.

How to Play Aqua Blitz 2?

Team up with Pearl the mermaid as you arrange various seashells and animals into groups of three or more in this match game. There's lots of stuff you'll earn along the way including powerful boosters.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to move items into different spots on the board.

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Who Developed Aqua Blitz 2?

Aqua Blitz 2 was created by Softgames.