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Candy Match 4

Candy Match 4 is another mouth-watering Match-3 game from Softgames’ candy blasting series. Line up three or more of the same shiny sweets to pop them.

How to play Candy Match 4?

The aim is to collect the sweets shown in the panel on the left of the board. You can do this by creating horizontal and vertical lines using at least three or the same candies.

You can move the sweets by making two adjacent tiles swap places. However, each move must result in at least one valid match. If more combinations are created as the tiles fall down, this is called a cascade.

When you match 4 or more of the same items, you will receive special candies that can clear a whole line, or even all of the sweets of a particular type.

In some levels, you will have to complete a different type of task, such as clearing certain tiles, breaking open locked tiles, or moving certain items to the bottom of the board. These tasks will also be shown in the panel to the left. The gameplay mechanics for these special missions are explained as you advance through the game. 

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Who created Candy Match 4?

Candy Match 4 was created by Softgames

When was Candy Match 4 first released?

This game was first released on July 1, 2024.