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Spaceship Games

Humankind's Last Frontier Is Waiting

Space...our last frontier. So much is known, yet so little. Maybe that is why so many of us dream of getting in our suits and flying off to discover it and its possible inhabitants.

In the history of space travel, just over 500 people have ever traveled above Earth’s surface, breaking the gravitational barrier 100 kilometers over our planet. While private entrepreneurs like tycoon Sir Richard Branson have big plans to fly commercially into the great beyond, until you can afford the $200,000 ticket on Virgin Galactic, why not take a spin with a space simulator game? You may want to start by custom making your vessel with a spaceship-building game. For a zero-gravity experience, navigate your craft around orbs and space debris playing Asteroid Dodge. If you aren't one of the first 100 “future astronauts” who signed on for Galactic’s maiden flight of six minutes to look down to see the curved surface of our planet (no, it isn't flat!) try to steer your own rocket through a labyrinth of traps with Iron Ranger. 

The idea of parallel universes and extraterrestrial beings has filled pages, inspired fantasy film after film, and tantalized our imaginations. What if the aliens we meet are more monsters than friends, and your adventure into the outer reaches of our universe pits you against creatures never known to humankind? Get ready to defend your atmosphere with spaceship shooting games like Space Battle. Protect your home planet by fortifying with Massive Space Tower Defense, weaving together battle-like strategies that will ensure earth's future. 

Perhaps those unknown beings we are up against in space have information that we could use. If they don't come to you like director Steven Spielberg's lonesome E.T. from the 1982 science-fiction fantasy film, try picking up some spare parts for your spaceship and see what the aliens might have to say with Space Flight. And if kids want to help a lovesick alien save his girlfriend, Rescue Lander is the way to do a good galactic deed. 

We may not be heading into space ourselves anytime soon, but until then, let your mind do the flying and let be your craft.