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Shaun the Sheep Games

About Our Shaun the Sheep Games

Tag along with a brave barnyard hero and his fluffy friends in our Shaun the Sheep games! Shaun is one of the United Kingdom’s most famous stop-motion animated characters. He's the star of several films, TV shows, and video games, too! 

Team up with him in these funny adventure games. He and his pals will need your help while they run away from alien spaceships, go golfing, and get into tons of trouble after they make the mistake of trying on leotards! In many of Shaun's puzzle-solving games, you'll have to come up with clever solutions to get him and his fellow sheep out of all sorts of jams. The skill games, meanwhile, will let you show off your reflexes. There's no telling where you'll end up once you join Shaun on his next totally hilarious journey!