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Pop It Games

About our online Pop It Games

What are Pop It Games?

Pop it toys and games are similar to fidget spinners and other types of sensory toys that are used to relieve stress or alleviate the symptoms of conditions including ADHD and autism. They’re typically made of colorful plastic or metal and are small enough to carry around in a pocket or a backpack, which means they can easily be used in an office, a classroom, a waiting room, or, well, pretty much anywhere. These are just a few of the reasons why they're so popular!

How to Play Pop It Games?

Online pop it games are very simple. The player pops a series of bubbles, typically by clicking on them. Some of these games also include additional features like high-scores or extra pop it toys that can be unlocked.

What are the Best Pop It Games on Mobile?

Check out our cool collection of pop it games. They're based on the fidget toy that replicates the experience of popping segments of bubble wrap. Many people find them relaxing and say they have a calming effect, especially when they're feeling anxious or overwhelmed. These stress-relieving pop it games can provide similar results. 

Many of these pop it fidget games are online for kids, but people of all ages can enjoy them. Feel free to try one when you're taking a break from a complicated work project, or if you're a student who could really use a moment or two away from an essay or a textbook. These free online games will help you unwind and take it easy, if only for a few minutes.