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Theatre Mode
Theatre Mode
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Team up with the Soviet Union or fight alongside the Allied Forces. It's time to head into battle in

You’ll be joining other players from around the world in an epic series of clashes after you choose an army to fight with and a tank to fight in! Your goal? To destroy your enemies' towers as fast as you can! Look for awesome upgrades for your tank while you dodge their attacks in this thrilling io game. Just don’t forget about your own towers. You'll need to protect them at all costs! 

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Game Controls 


  • PRESS W to move forward. 
  • PRESS S to go backward. 
  • PRESS D to turn left.
  • PRESS A to turn right. 


  • USE THE MOUSE to aim your turret. 
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot. 

About the Game Developers was developed by RedEye Productions and published by Azerion.