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Squid Challenge: Glass Bridge

How far will you get in Squid Challenge: Glass Bridge? See if you can make it to the other sides of several rickety platforms in this action game.

The next round of a very deadly competition is about to begin. Will you be able to get across a few bridges that are each made of several panes of glass? Some of these panes will be able to handle your weight. Others will not. Jump on the sturdier ones in this intense skill game inspired by Squid Game, the popular Netflix series. If you choose the wrong pane, the consequences will be disastrous!

How to Play Squid Challenge: Glass Bridge?

Find out if you can cross a dangerous series of glass bridges in this challenging action game. You’ll need to quickly memorize a map that lists the portions that are safe and which ones are not. Will you reach the other side of all of them?

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to jump.

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Who Developed Squid Challenge: Glass Bridge?

Squid Challenge: Glass Bridge was created by Kiz10.