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Racing Go

Racing Go is a fast-paced lane changing race game from the studio that brought you the popular game Traffic Tour. This endless lane game with arcade elements includes many customization options, including car types, colors, stickers, wheels and license plates. When you’re done customizing, take your car onto the road and show everyone who’s the fastest driver!

How to play Racing Go

There are multiple game modes available in Racing Go, such as a Career path, Drag Racing, Takedowns, and Daily Events. In each of these modes, you can collect coins and gold to purchase upgrades later in the game.

Enjoy the realistic graphics and views of various cityscapes like London and Los Angeles as you zoom past buildings and other verhicles. Zig-zag between trucks and cars, and make sure you reach the finish line ahead of your opponent.

Game controls

  • Use the arrow keys or A/D-keys to move
  • You can use arrow down or the S-key to pan the camera down

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Who created Racing Go?

This street lane game was developed by Wolves Interactive.

When was this game released?

Racing Go was first released in December 2022.