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Kogama: PvP

Another epic battle is about to begin! Who will you team up with in Kogama: PvP

Four teams are going head-to-head in this 3D multiplayer game. Fight alongside the zombies or the skeletons. You can also join forces with the pigs or the CubeBoys. Grab awesome weapons like railguns and bazookas while you try to eliminate the other teams as fast as you can. 

Kogama: War 4 and Kogama: Sky Land are two more great Kogama games that you should try next. 

How to Play Kogama: PvP? 

Kogama: PvP is a shooting game where you get to join teams in an epic series of death matches. Search for cool weapons and keep an eye on your health meter while you try to wipe out the other teams. 

Game Controls 


  • PRESS W, A, S, and D to move. 
  • PRESS K to respawn. 
  • PRESS E to grab weapons or use items.  
  • PRESS O to turn on the full-screen mode. 


  • USE THE MOUSE to aim or change the camera angle. 
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot. 

Who Developed Kogama: PvP?

Kogama: PvP was made by Kogama.