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Jungle Five Diffs

All of these pictures are the same...or are they? It's time to discover the answer in Jungle 5 Diffs

See if you can locate anything that might be different in each one of the 20 pictures in this puzzle game. They feature lots of adorable animals, cute outdoor scenes, and more! 

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How to Play Jungle 5 Diffs 

Can you find all of the differences in the pictures while you play Jungle 5 Diffs? You'll be presented with two seemingly identical ones in each level. Click on anything that doesn't match up, but watch out! You'll lose points if you select stuff that's actually identical. 

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for differences. 
  • LEFT CLICK on anything that doesn't match up. 

About the Game Developer 

Jungle 5 Diffs was created by Lof Games.