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Jump In To The Plane

Jump Into The Plane is a racing game in which you can perform the craziest action movie stunts. Fire your engines and feel like an action hero as you leap the ramps and blast straight for the plane’s cargo hold.

How to play Jump Into The Plane?

Are you crazy enough to try your hand at some deadly action movie stunts? Blast over the ramps and release a burst of nitro fuel to send your car flying into the air. Aim for the red and white target just beyond the open cargo door of the flying planes.

Whether you’re crashing your motorbike into the plane’s cargo hold just as it takes off, or blasting your rocket boosters to catch up with a flying plane, it’ll take good aim, careful timing, and a whole lot of engine and nitro upgrades to land your daring leap.

You can unlock several vehicles with additional boosters, increase the power of your engines, the duration of your rocket boost, and the bonus rewards you receive. Can you nail each jump?

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Who created Jump Into The Plane?

Jump Into The Plane was created by Boombit. 

When was Jump Into The Plane first released?

This game was first released for mobile on September 28, 2021. This updated web version was released in June 2024.