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Home Makeover

Home Makeover is a match-3 game in which you can save up stars to do up your new home. Collect the right items to complete the match-3 puzzles and gather the items you need to renovate your house.

How to play Home Makeover?

To complete your renovations, you’ll need building materials, paint, new furniture, and decorations. You can earn these by playing tile-matching puzzles. Tap an area or item you want to work on. Drag the star to the circle to carry out the renovations.

If you don’t have any stars left, you can earn some more by solving match-3 puzzles. Line up three or more of the same icons. To move the hearts, donuts, sweets, and other items around the board, drag the icons to an adjacent slot to make them swap places. You can only do this if the move results in a valid match.

Start your renovation project by fixing the outdoor terrace. Repair the ramshackle wooden construction and create the sun deck of your dreams. You can unlock new rooms and houses as you go. Can you turn them all into beautiful homes?

Game Controls

Use the mouse. Click on the items and stars to select them, and drag to move them.

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Who created Home Makeover?

Home Makeover was created by OneTwoPlay.