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Hangman Online

Hangman Online is a digital version of the famous word game, with over 6000 puzzles to solve! Guess the letters and spell out the hidden word before your stickman character comes to a sticky end…

How to play Hangman Online?

Guess the secret word or phrase before your balloons pop, or the monster will eat you! Type a letter to see if it is included in the secret word. If you guess wrong, one of your balloons will pop.

If the letter is correct, you can try guessing another one. Keep going until the word is complete. If you can guess the word, you’ll defeat the monster and continue your journey. 

At the start of the game, you can choose whether you want to play the game in Easy, Medium, or Hard mode. The harder the game mode, the fewer balloons you have.

How to Win: Hangman Strategy

Here are some tips to help you guess the words and phrases:

  • Topic
    The solution to each puzzle is related to a particular topic. For example, food and drink, stars of the stage and screen, rhymes, etc. The topic is displayed above the word, and will give you a valuable hint.  
  • Common Vowels
    The vowels E, A, O, and I are some of the most commonly used letters in the English language. They are a good place to start filling in the blanks when you have little else to go on.
  • Frequently Used Consonants
    Just like with the vowels, there are certain consonants that are more frequently used than others in the English language. The most common ones are T, N, S, H, and R. Try some of these and see how far this gets you.
  • Take Your Time
    Once you have filled in some of the blanks, take your time to look over the letters you have left. Mentally run through the remaining options to see which ones might fit. Even though their usage is more rare, don’t forget to consider uncommon letters like Y, Z and J as well.

Game Controls

  • You can tap on the letters to select them, or,
  • Type a letter on the keyboard to select it

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Who created Hangman Online?

Hangman Online was created by CoolMath

When was Hangman Online released?

This game was first published on our site on September 12, 2023.