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Galactic Judge

Entire solar systems full of deadly asteroids and even deadlier enemies? Just another day at the office, right? Jump into the cockpit of your fighter and get to work in Galactic Judge!

You'll get to be the judge, jury, and executioner of an entire galaxy full of bad guys in this retro arcade game. Destroy dangerous asteroids and wipe out rampaging gangs of rogue cosmonauts before you fight duels with powerful bosses. Will you be able to keep the peace while you collect shields and weapons along the way?

How to Play Galactic Judge?

A distant galaxy is depending on you in this shoot 'em up game. Head into battle to eliminate asteroids and enemy ships. You can collect stars to exchange for upgrades between missions.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to pilot your ship and use its weapons.
  • RELEASE THE LEFT BUTTON to pause the game.

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Who Developed Galactic Judge?

Galactic Judge was created by kiz10 and TapTap.