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Forgotten Treasure 2: Match 3

Forgotten Treasure 2: Match 3 is a tile-matching game with over 1000 challenging levels and several different game modes. Line up the gems, collect relics, and unlock new puzzles.

How to play Forgotten Treasure 2: Match 3?

Swap two adjacent gems to make lines of three or more identical ones. There are various barriers and obstacles you’ll have to destroy by making match-3 combinations on or directly around blocked or frozen tiles.

This game includes several game modes, each with a large collection of challenging puzzles:

  • Seasonal games
    Play a series of levels for each season and collect ingredients to make relics. By collecting relics, you can open new puzzles in the Reliquary game mode.
  • Story mode
    Puzzles in which you can collect coins. You can use these to buy extra turns in the various turn-based game modes.

In the game mode menu, you’ll find four additional modes:

  • Arcade
    Collect as high a score as you can within 20 turns.
  • Relax
    Complete levels and collect seashells in this beach themed game. The seashells can be used to open treasure chests.
  • Abyss
    Complete these turn-based levels to earn crystals and unlock treasure chests. You have more turns in the Easy levels, while the number of turns you receive in the Hard levels is very limited.
  • Reliquary
    Find the pairs in this memory game and earn coins and unlock treasure chests. You can unlock levels with more cards and higher rewards by collecting relics in the seasonal games.

Game Controls

Use the mouse to pick up and move the gems.

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Who created Forgotten Treasure 2: Match 3?

Forgotten Treasure 2: Match 3 was created by AnimaGames.

When was Forgotten Treasure 2: Match 3 first released?

This game was released on September 14, 2023.