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Bubble Shooter Pro 3

Bubble Shooter Pro 3 is a new installment in Softgames’ Bubble Shooter Pro series. This time, you can measure your scores against those of other players, and track your progress in unlocking achievements in a progressively tiered Achievements dashboard.

How to play Bubble Shooter Pro 3?

Your aim is to pop the colorful bubbles by matching up three of the same type. Simply aim the bubble cannon using the dotted line as reference and fire the bubbles at the cluster above. The bubble currently loaded in your canon is displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with the bubble that’s up next.

Sounds easy, right? Don’t be deceived! The bubbles will continuously sink down, and you must clear them before they reach the white line at the bottom of the screen. You’ll start with just three colors, but the further you get, the more colors will be added to the cluster. This makes clearing them away increasingly challenging.

Leaderboard: Comparing Players’ Scores in Bubble Shooter Pro 3

At the top of the screen, you’ll see other player profiles ranked by score. Each time you surpass that player’s current highscore, you’ll pop their location marker. At the end of each round, you can also track your score on the leaderboard.

Tap on the star at the bottom of the screen to view the Achievements board. Here, you can see how your efforts measure up against other players’ achievements. By completing the goals shown on this overview, you can unlock the next Achievements tier until you reach the very top!

Game Controls

  • Swipe or move the cursor to aim
  • Tap or click to shoot the bubbles

Play games similar to Bubble Shooter Pro 3

This game is part of a series. Try the original Bubble Shooter Pro game, or check out the prequel Bubble Shooter Pro 2. Both are single player games that lack the competitive leaderboard function and tiered achievement deck featured in this more recent installment. 

However, the pace of the game is slightly higher in Bubble Shooter Pro 2, so the difficulty level is quite tough.

Who created Bubble Shooter Pro 3?

Bubble Shooter Pro 3 was created by Softgames. 

To play more bubble shooter games and other puzzle adventures by the game creator, head over to our Softgames collection.

When was Bubble Shooter Pro 3 first released?

This game was first released on August 21, 2023.