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Boxing Fighter

Boxing Fighter is a well made 3D martial arts game set in the boxing arena. Defeat your opponents and improve your fighter and his gloves to beat tougher boxers.

How to play Boxing Fighter?

Step into the ring and defeat your opponents in a boxing match. Swipe to swing your fist and deliver a right- or left-handed uppercut. When you see your opponent crouching to prepare for a swing, swipe down left or right to dodge.

If you knock your opponent down, the short count will begin. If they fully rise to their feet before ten seconds are over, the match will continue. However, getting up will also deplete their energy, and if they hit 0%, they will fall back down.

Use the money you earn in fights to upgrade your fighter, or save up for better boxing gloves to improve his stats. After the first round, you can pick opponents from a menu. Check each player’s stats to find the best matches.

Game Controls

  • Swipe with your finger or the mouse as shown to dodge or punch
  • Swipe up left/right = Punch
  • Swipe down left/right = Dodge

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Who created Boxing Fighter?

Boxing Fighter was created by YAD.

When was Boxing Fighter first released?

This game was first released in January of 2024.