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Bike Jump

Bike Jump is a motorcycle game in which you perform various hair-raising and neck-breaking stunts. Race down the ramp and try to fling your driver into the foam target.

How to play Bike Jump?

The aim is for your driver to slam into the red target at the end of each track. Race down the ramp and jump with your motorcycle. Tap the up arrow to jump from your motorbike and blast off with your jetpack. 

Repeatedly tapping up while using the jetpack will release fuel in short bursts. This way, your fuel supply will last longer allowing you to cover more distance.

Between jumps, you can upgrade your earnings, jetpack, and motorcycle, or switch to another driver and vehicle altogether.

Game Controls

  • Tap and hold the up arrow key to race down the ramp
  • Release and tap the up arrow again to jump from the bike
  • Tap up briefly to release a burst of jetpack fuel

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Who created Bike Jump?

Bike Jump was created by 2Play. 

When was Bike Jump first released?

This game was first released on October 17, 2023.