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It's time to check out our cool collection of Armor Games! Dive into all sorts of fun and challenging strategy games. You can go on epic adventures in enchanted realms or accept a mission that could be downright impossible. Manage a team of ancient wizards or modern warriors as you search for magical artifacts in distant lands or try to defend your territory from invaders.

The shooting games will also keep you on the edge of your seat! Wipe out your enemies with lots of incredibly awesome weapons. There's also plenty of battle games that will put you up against fearsome zombies ransacking a small town or relentless androids unleashing a wave of destruction in a futuristic arena. You may actually need a suit of armor or at least a bulletproof vest in order to last longer than a few minutes in these titles. There’s no telling who, or what, you’ll encounter while you fight for your life! You’ll be able to handle it though, right? It's time to find out after you dive into these thrilling, and totally free, online games.