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Theatre Mode
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Stick Warrior Hero Battles

Stick Warrior Hero Battles is a hilarious rag doll warrior game starring lots of different superheroes. Fling your rag doll character through the arena and try to hit your opponent where it hurts.

How to play Stick Warrior Hero Battles?

In this funny stickman game, your objective is to knock out your opponent. You can play this game by yourself or challenge a friend to a duel in the local 2-player mode.

Choose your hero and enter the arena. Your rag doll warrior will flop around with his limbs flailing all over the place. Try to collect the upgrades that appear in the arena to make your attacks more powerful and restore your health.

Try to make your hero’s feet and weapons slam into your opponent as you fling your rag doll through the arena. You can use the springs to propel your hero forward, but make sure you don’t fly headlong into your enemy’s swords or clubs! 

Game Controls

Player 1

  • WASD or arrow keys to move

Player 2

  • Arrow keys

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Who created Stick Warrior Hero Battles?

Stick Warrior Hero Battles was created by RHM Interactive.