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Solitaire Garden

Solitaire Garden is a tripeaks solitaire game in which you can clear away the playing cards to renovate the old mansion. This game has over 800 levels and an engaging storyline.

You’ve just inherited an old villa with a beautiful garden. At least, it must have been beautiful at some point. Both the garden and the villa look like they’ve been neglected for decades. To make things worse, the conniving landlord Egor is trying to steal the villa from you!

Complete the TriPeaks levels to earn stars, use them to renovate the villa, and stop Egor’s wicked plan.

How to play Solitaire Garden?

In this game, your friend Alice will help you get started with a short in-game tutorial and some tips.

The aim is to clear away all the cards. Draw a card from the stockpile, and move a card that is one point higher or lower to the discard pile. You can add up or count down, and switch directions mid-sequence however many times you like.

Keep removing cards until you can no longer add any to the stack. Then draw a new card from the stockpile to start a new sequence.

You only have a limited number of cards in your stockpile, so use them carefully. If you remove five cards in a row without having to draw from the stockpile, bonus cards will be added to your supply.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Click and drag to pick up and move the cards.

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Who created Solitaire Garden?

Solitaire Garden was originally created by SoftGames, and has been updated by Agame.

When was Solitaire Garden first released?

This version of the game was released on September 13, 2023.