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Sniper Combat

Sniper Combat 3D is a sharpshooting game in which you have to complete various sniper missions. Hidden away on a rooftop, you have to quickly identify the dangerous criminals and eliminate them without causing a panic.

How to play Sniper Combat 3D?

In this game, you’re a military sniper with intel on dangerous criminals active within the city. Surveil the area from your hideout and identify the threats on the basis of photographs you’ve received.

Zoom in to check that you’ve identified the right person, and aim carefully. Try to take down your targets quickly and efficiently, or there’ll be a mass panic and your target will be able to flee in the ensuing commotion.

Once you’ve earned some money, head to the armory to upgrade your current weapon, or save up to buy new sniper rifles.

Game Controls

  • Mouse = Move the crosshairs
  • Right Mouse Button = zoom in/out
  • Left Mouse Button = shoot

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Who created Sniper Combat 3D?

Sniper Combat 3D was created by Great Games.

When was Sniper Combat 3D first released?

This game was released on October 5, 2023.