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Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster is a fun action game in which you have to guide a rollercoaster past a series of obstacles. Lean left or right to make the wagons tilt and lift off the rails to collect cash, extra passengers, or avoid roadblocks.

How to play Roller Coaster?

Race down the track and pick up as many passengers as you can in this roller coaster game. The more passengers you collect, the longer your chain of wagons will become. Lean left and right to make the wagon tilt, allowing your passengers to grab the floating money and keys.

Watch out for the red rolls of spikes and the STOP signs indicating a road block. Tilt the wagon to select the right route whenever the rails split. You can use the money and keys you have collected to unlock treasure chests and purchase new skins.

Game Controls

  • Mouse - Click and drag left or right to make the wagon tilt
  • Touchscreen - Place your finger on the screen and swipe left or right to make the wagon tilt
  • Keyboard - Press A/D or the left/right arrow keys to make the wagon tilt

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Who created Roller Coaster?

Roller Coaster was created by 2Play.