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Mr Bean Jump

Mr Bean Jump is a fast-paced reaction game starring your favorite child-like buffoon, Mr Bean. Try to jump as high as possible without knocking your knees on the wooden crates.

How to play Mr Bean Jump?

Help Rowan Atkinson’s comedy character Mr Bean jump as high as possible. Wait for the sliding crates to appear and jump so that you land on top of it. The crate will stop moving and a new one will appear, sliding around from either the right or left side.

Keep jumping for as long as possible, and try not to get your feet knocked out from under you. Collect coins for climbing high and completing special achievements. You can use them to customize the background, the crates, and Mr Bean’s outfit.

Watch carefully and react quickly, because the crates will move at different speeds.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse or touchscreen to play
  • Click or tap to jump

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Who created Mr Bean Jump?

Mr Bean Jump was created by Quizinc Ltd.

When was Mr Bean Jump first released?

This game was first released in January of 2024.