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Mahjong Royal

Mahjong Royal is a tile-matching puzzle game with a soothing design in calm colors. It’s a great mahjong solitaire game to play when you want to unwind. Combine the matching tiles as you listen to relaxing background music.

How to play Mahjong Royal?

The goal is to clear the tiles from the table before the time runs out. Tiles can be removed by combining the matching pairs. However, to match two tiles, they must be playable. Tiles can only be picked up when they are free on at least the right or left side, and are not covered by any other tile.

Discover a new tile layout with each level of this gorgeously designed mahjong game with over 60 levels.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play or use your touchscreen
  • Tap on a playable tile to select it, then tap a matching tile to combine the two

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Who created Mahjong Royal?

Mahjong Royal was created by Inlogic Software. 

When was Mahjong Royal first released?

This game was first released for web on July 20, 2023.