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Gold Mine

It’s time to see if you can strike it rich in Gold Mine! Tag along with a fearless miner while he goes in search of treasure in this match 3 puzzle game.

This miner just discovered a tunnel full of tons of precious jewels, ancient pottery, gems, and gold. There’s just one problem! The tunnel is collapsing. Help him use his pickaxe like a boomerang to collect as many priceless objects as he can in this fast-paced matching game.

How to Play Gold Mine?

In this puzzle game, you’ll join a brave miner while he tries to grab as many precious items as he can in a collapsing tunnel. You’ll need to use his pickaxe to destroy two or more identical squares in the pile of debris that’s rapidly heading toward him. If the pile slams into him, it’ll be game over!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to aim the axe.
  • LEFT CLICK to fling it.

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Who Developed Gold Mine?

Gold Mine was created by Famobi.