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Daily Jigsaw

Daily Jigsaw Online is a puzzle game with a new jigsaw challenge for each day. You can play each puzzle with 24, 54, or 96 pieces, and the game features a number of helpful sorting options.

How to play Daily Jigsaw Online?

Move the pieces to the right place and complete the picture to solve each jigsaw puzzle. You can play today’s puzzle, and all the past puzzles of the previous 30 days. Each day, a new puzzle will appear on the calendar.

To view only the edge pieces, tap the green button marked ‘EDGE’. Tap it again to remove the filter and display all of the pieces.

To move loose pieces from the board to the sides, tap the green button marked ‘SHUFFLE’. Tap on the ‘PREVIEW’ button to view the full image.

If you need a hint, you can tap the lightbulb. One puzzle piece will be moved to the right position on the board.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • On touchscreen devices, use your finger to pick up and move the puzzle pieces

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Who created Daily Jigsaw Online?

Daily Jigsaw Online was created by Agame

When was Daily Jigsaw Online first released?

This game was first released on June 15, 2023.