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Clash of Goblins

Which side will win this epic war? It's time to lead your forces into battle in Clash of Goblins!

You must protect your fort, no matter what it takes, in this strategy game. Use your resources wisely while you decide which units to create and who among them to send into combat. You can also earn valuable skulls to upgrade them between clashes. Will you attempt to defeat your opponents with archers and shamans or pummel them to bits with a battalion of powerful dragons and a few cyclopes?

How to Play Clash of Goblins?

Clash of Goblins is an exciting tower defense game. Protect your territory while you send various military units into battle. You can attack your enemies with everything from hog riders to punks!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you choose which units to build.
  • LEFT CLICK to send them into battle.

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Who Developed Clash of Goblins?

Clash of Goblins was designed by Beedo Games.