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Pride Mahjong

Pride Mahjong is a special edition of the tile-matching game Mahjong celebrating Pride Month and the diverse LGBTQ+ community. Sort the tiles into sets of three in 80 colorful levels with festive rainbow icons and backgrounds.

How to play Pride Mahjong?

The goal is to clear the tiles from the table before the time is up. Tap any highlighted tile to pick it up and move it to the tray. Add two more tiles with the same icon to complete the set. 

There are several boosters you can use to help you complete each puzzle:

  • Return Tile - You have seven empty slots where you can store tiles, if you run out of space, you can tap the green button to return the last tile you picked up.
  • Shuffle - Tap the blue button to shuffle the remaining tiles on the board when you run out of available moves.
  • Magic Wand - This button will complete one set in our tray by extracting the missing tile from the board, even if that tile is not playable yet.

Game Controls

Tap or left click on the playable tiles to move them to your tray.

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Who created Pride Mahjong?

Pride Mahjong was created by BestPhysics. 

When was Pride Mahjong first released?

This game was first published in June, 2023.