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Neon Pong Multiplayer

Neon Pong Multiplayer is a retro twitch arcade game based on Pong, one of the earliest arcade games ever. Catch the ball with your paddle and bounce it back at your opponent.

How to play Neon Pong Multiplayer?

In this multiplayer game, the first player to score 7 points is the winner. Catch the ball with your paddle. It will bounce back to your opponent’s half of the court. If you fail to catch the ball, your opponent wins 1 point.

You can play this game against the computer, or challenge another online player using the game mode option buttons in the main menu.

Neon Pong Multiplayer Tips?

You can bounce the ball off the walls to make it harder to intercept. Hitting the ball with the side of your panel is risky, but usually pays off, since it will cause the ball to travel faster and at a sharper angle.

Game Controls


  • Left click and drag the paddle left and right to move it


  • Tap and hold. Use your finger to drag the paddle left and right


  • Use the A/D keys to move the paddle

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Who developed Neon Pong Multiplayer?

Neon Pong Multiplayer was developed by Tweensoft.